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Understanding VPNs: access content with regional copyrights while protecting your privacy online

Updated: Jul 12

In today's digital world, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have become essential tools for individuals and businesses. With numerous benefits, VPNs enhance privacy, enable access to regionally restricted content, and provide robust online security.

Why VPNs?

Privacy, Security, and Bypassing Censorship: Freedom is not for everyone and we often forget that some countries restrict access to lots of internet websites. China is an easy example but did you know that Thailand censors the most famous adult video streaming platforms? Not that I think that you'd miss it (or maybe?) but the fact that Thailand is implementing the restriction is a sign of control by itself. VPNs safeguard personal information by encrypting data, protecting against hackers, government surveillance, and malicious entities. They also allow users to bypass censorship and access blocked content, ensuring an unrestricted internet experience.

Accessing Regional Copyrighted Content: VPNs allow users to access regionally restricted copyrighted content by masking their IP addresses. By connecting to servers in specific regions, individuals can bypass content restrictions and enjoy a wider range of entertainment options.

Enhanced Online Gaming: Gamers benefit from reduced latency and increased security through VPNs. Connecting to servers in different regions optimizes network routes, while VPNs protect against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

What do you need to use a VPN?

  1. A device with an internet connection (computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet).

  2. A subscription to a reputable VPN service.

  3. VPN client software or mobile apps provided by the chosen VPN service.

I've personally tried the following




​Works great in China and Thailand.

​Tried it in Thailand and works fine

​For some reasons, I never managed to make it work

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